Graduate Student Stipend Bonus FAQ

Dartmouth recently announced that, as a way of recognizing the hard work of graduate students during these unprecedented times, President Hanlon has authorized the awarding of a $1000 bonus to all PhD, MS, and MA graduate students who receive a monthly stipend.

Which students will receive the bonus, and how much is it?

All PhD, MS, and MA students who receive a monthly stipend and who are enrolled for the Fall '21 term will receive $1000.

How and when will this bonus be paid?

While the details are still being finalized, we expect the bonuses to be paid in December 2021.

Will first year graduate students be paid the bonus?

Yes, first year students who are paid a stipend will receive the bonus.

I recently defended my thesis and have completed all degree requirements. Will I get paid?

Any student who completed their degree requirements during the Fall '21 term (effective 9/1/21) will be paid the bonus. Students who completed their degrees in the Summer '21 term or earlier are not eligible.

I am on leave this term. Will I be paid?

If you are on a personal or medical leave that started in the Fall '21 term, contact the Guarini or Thayer School (for ENGS students) offices about receiving the bonus if you return in the Winter '22 or Spring '22 terms.

I am a Thayer student completing my degree "in absentia". Will I receive the bonus?


Will I have to pay taxes on the bonus?

Yes, the bonuses are considered taxable income.



Please contact Assistant Dean, Gary Hutchins at