Postdocs Share Research and Win Awards

Researchers from across Dartmouth and the University of New Hampshire came together to share research at the annual Postdoc Research Day, a one day research conference, on March 22 on Dartmouth's campus.

Attendance for this year's Postdoc Research Day, held in alternate years by Dartmouth and the University of New Hampshire. The event attracted 46 attendees, including 21 postdoc presenters who came to hear about each other's research and engage in professional development opportunities. 

This year, Tongtong Li won first place in the research presentations category. In this event, participants have six minutes to describe their research methods, findings, and potential impact to a general audience. The runner up was Lucas Dweil. 

In the poster category, Kayla luliano placed first among the 15 presenters who shared their research via posters. Solange Saxby was the runner up. 

Best Research Presentations

First Place

Tongtong Li (Dartmouth)

 "A Structurally Informed Data Assimilation Approach for Discontinuous State Variables"

Second Place

Lucas Dwiel (Dartmouth)

"A Proof-of-concept for Psychedelic-assisted Brain Stimulation"


Best Posters

First Place

Kayla Iuliano (Dartmouth)

"Do Environmental Exposures Affect the Menstrual Cycle? Epidemiological Application of Female Cycle Charting"

Second Place

Solange Saxby (Dartmouth)

"Assessing Quality of Life, Food Insecurity, and Social Support in Rural Versus Urban Iowan Residents with Multiple Sclerosis: A Mixed-Methods Pilot Study"