Christopher Callahan Wins Hannah T. Croasdale Award

Christopher Callahan has won the Hannah T. Croasdale Award, which is given to a graduating Ph.D. student who exemplifies scholarly excellence, intellectual curiosity, dedication, and a commitment to advancing knowledge and teaching.

Christopher Callahan, a PhD '24 in the ecology, evolution, environment, and society (EEES), has been recognized for his outstanding research on climate change and its impacts on global equity and justice. Although Callahan could not attend the award ceremony in person, Dean Kull acknowledged his contributions to the field at the ceremony. 

Callahan joined Dartmouth in 2018 with a Bachelor of Science in environmental science from Northwestern University. Under the mentorship of Professor Justin Mankin, he distinguished himself as an exceptional scholar. His research has led to seven lead-author publications that have gained widespread recognition.

Beyond his research, Callahan is committed to public communication and outreach. He has made complex scientific concepts accessible to the broader public, middle and high school students, and through his work as teaching assistant to Dartmouth undergraduates.

This fall, Callahan will continue his research as a postdoctoral fellow at Stanford University's Doerr School for Sustainability, where he will focus on climate impacts.

Please join us in congratulating Christopher Callahan on his well-deserved recognition with the Hannah Croasdale Graduate Scholar Award for his outstanding contributions and dedication to advancing our understanding of climate change.