Dr. Ze Zhang Awarded 2024 John W. Strohbehn Medal for Excellence in Biomedical Research

Dr. Ze Zhang has won the 2024 John W. Strohbehn Medal for Excellence in Biomedical Research. This award recognizes a graduating PhD student from one of our degree-granting programs in the medical school. The medal is given to a student who best exemplifies the qualities of a scientific leader, based on intellectual curiosity, dedication, a commitment to the pursuit of new scientific knowledge and teaching, and a sense of social responsibility to the research community. The award was presented by Senior Associate Dean of Foundational Research Susan Roberts. 

Dr. Zhang conducted his research in the Department of Epidemiology under Dr. Lucas Salas, as part of the quantitative biomedical sciences program. He entered Dartmouth in 2019 following the completion of his Masters at Brown University. His thesis, "DNA Methylation-based Epigenetic Biomarkers in Cell-Type Deconvolution and Tumor Tissue of Origin Identification," marks a significant advancement in molecular biology and precision medicine. His innovative use of DNA methylation as a biomarker has set new standards for identifying cell compositions in complex tissues, aiding cancer diagnosis and management.

Despite challenges like COVID-19, Dr. Zhang published fourteen papers during his PhD, seven as the first author. His work has gained widespread recognition and has been featured in multiple media outlets for its relevance to health challenges.

Dr. Zhang has also been a dedicated mentor and teaching assistant at Dartmouth. He is currently a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard Medical School and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, continuing his research in epigenetics and precision medicine.

Congratulations to Dr. Ze Zhang.