Employment Policy

Affected Parties

Students Under the Guarini School Programs

Policy Statement

Graduate students who are fully supported (a full tuition scholarship and a full stipend) cannot receive additional payment from Dartmouth College for services rendered and cannot accept employment outside the College while enrolled.

Exclusions & Exceptions

Exceptions may be granted in cases of academic or professional benefit or documented financial hardship. Unless a program-specific exception has been approved by the Graduate Council, any exception will normally not exceed eight hours per week and must have the written approval of the graduate student's advisor, department chair or Graduate Program Committee, and the Dean of the Guarini School of Graduate and Advanced Studies. Guarini.Graduate.School@Dartmouth.edu

International students here in F-1 nonimmigrant status are limited by federal regulations to no more than 20 hours of on-campus employment per week.  For Ph.D. students, the stipend is considered, for immigration purposes, to be employment and is subject to the 20-hour limitation.  This means that international Ph.D. students are not eligible for additional on-campus work during academic terms, even if the Guarini School employment policy would otherwise allow it.


Effective Date

January 1, 2016

Last Revised Date

March 24, 2021

Office of Primary Responsibility