Finding Funding

Finding Funding

Johns Hopkins University has a regularly updated list of federal and private funding opportunities for postdoctoral investigators. You can search by funding amount and subject matter. You can visit that site here.


This database includes current funding opportunities worldwide, from a wide variety of sources such as government agencies, private foundations, research institutions, and educational institutions such as museums. Opportunities listed in PIVOT range from small travel grants to large multi-year research projects to "mini grants" for community outreach.  Almost any subject area or type of project has some funding opportunity in PIVOT.
PIVOT is funded by the Office of Sponsored Projects. 

How to use it:

1. Anyone accessing PIVOT from the Dartmouth network can use the search functions to find funding opportunities.  When you select Advanced Search, you will see drop down menus for search criteria.

2.  You can set up a personal account and request automatic updates on funding opportunities of interest to you to be sent via email. First see if you have a profile - most Dartmouth people already do.  You can edit that profile once you claim it.