Ethics Training

The Guarini School of Graduate and Advanced Studies, in collaboration with the Ethics Institute at Dartmouth, has developed an institution-wide training program in the basics of professional ethics. This program is a requirement for all first-year graduate students.

Panel Discussion

On Friday, September 10th at 9:00am, we will present an interactive online panel via zoom on professional ethics. Our purpose is to engage you in a discussion about some of the complex ethical issues that face professionals conducting research today, whether your area of study is in the sciences, the social sciences, or the humanities.  Participating in the live session or watching the recorded session is Mandatory.

Zoom link:

Prior to that date, we are asking you to spend 55 minutes watching a NOVA special, the "Secret of Photo 51," that touches on these issues.  The link to the NOVA special can be found on your canvas site.


Ethics Survey

All first-year graduate students must complete the Graduate Ethics Survey once they arrive on campus (and have a Dartmouth email account). You will need to read Sources: Their Use and Acknowledgment and the Honor Principle and Code of Conduct. Then please complete the survey, indicating that you have read and understand both documents.

Each student accepts Dartmouth's Honor Principle and Code of Conduct upon registering as a graduate student. A student found in violation of either policy forfeits his/her right to continue at Dartmouth. 

The survey must be completed before you may register for the following term.

To complete the Graduate Ethics Survey:

o    Canvas will send a message to your Dartmouth email account, inviting you to join the Online Guarini Orientation course.

o    Accept the invitation by clicking on the link in the email.

o    Go to Module 3, "Building a Respectful Community" -> Academic Honesty. After having read and viewed all content, click on Take the Grad Ethics Survey. You must answer "yes" to all four questions.


Meeting with Facilitators

Trained facilitators are available to meet with small groups of first-year students to discuss ethical dilemmas they may face.

Students must sign up for one group in Banner. The list of facilitators can be found on our website. Please make sure you can attend all five sessions listed with the facilitator. Attendance is mandatory, however up to one absence can be made up by doing an alternative assignment (facilitators can communicate what that assignment is). For more than one absence, the course will need to be repeated the following year. 

Thayer graduate students should enroll with the Thayer School Registrar, Daryl Laware.