Grad Student and Postdoc Social Space

Grad Student and Postdoc Social Space Information and Policies

GRAD Social Space Policy 4 Currier GRAD Lounge

The School for Graduate and Advanced Studies is pleased to announce a new social space for graduate students and postdocs. The new GRAD Lounge is located at 4 Currier, Room 102 on the first floor and is key-card accessible to graduate students and postdocs. Graduate students and postdocs are welcome to use the space during the day and evening for studying and hanging out. The GRAD Lounge may be reserved  during the day for professional development events, lunches etc. During the evening (5pm~) the space may be reserved for events and meetings.

The GRAD Lounge can accommodate events for 80 people as is and 200 with the furniture moved. In addition, two conference rooms (room 103 and 104) adjacent to the social space may be reserved for meetings after 5pm weekdays and on weekends. They each have a capacity for 6-8 people.

Please read the policy carefully and follow the guidelines:

How to make a reservation

Graduate Students and Postdocs: To view space availability and submit a reservation request, visit Virtual EMS. You will be prompted to sign in using your NetID and password. You will also need to know your organization's chart string to submit a reservation request.

Graduate students making reservations for GSC-sponsored events must make their reservations through the GSC website. Once your completed reservation request is received, an acknowledgment email from EMS containing your reservation request number will be sent to you with "Request Summary" in the subject line. Keep in mind that this is just an acknowledgement of the request – it is not a confirmation.

Once a space has been assigned, it is your responsibility to verify that the assigned space and resources are accurate. You may edit your request through Virtual EMS, or through the GSC website for GSC-sponsored events.
If you have further questions about your reservation, please send an email to [email protected] or phone the School of Graduate and Advanced Studies at 603.646.2106. Please have your reservation number in the subject line of any email message.  

The GRAD School and GRAD Programs: Follow the above instructions.
Please note that priority is given to graduate student and postdoc events.


There is no rental fee for use of any space. The person making the reservation is required to provide the organization's assigned 21-digit chart string at the time of the reservation request. This is to insure that any extraneous costs (i.e. extra cleanup, damages) will be covered by your organization.

Please note that there maybe technical labor, setup costs and AV services. Events requiring a Safety and Security Officer will also incur fees. While there is no late-cancellation fee, events requiring AV and/or safety and security services may incur charges for late notice.

Food and Catering

GRAD Student and Postdoc organizations and are permitted to bring their own food to meetings and events, as long as the food is store bought (pre-packaged).

Graduate students and postdocs wanting to use the refrigerators in the GRAD Lounge for their events will need to come to the GRAD Office, 37 Dewey Field Road, Suite 437 and sign-out the keys the day of their event. The keys should be returned to the GRAD office the morning of the first business day after their event. If the keys are lost, the sponsoring organization will be responsible for charges for new keys.

For events where home made goods will be consumed, please complete the following form. Catering is defined as any delivery and/or serving of food at Dartmouth College. 

All catering must be provided by an insurance compliant caterer. 

The list of insurance compliant caterers is maintained by Procurement Services and is available here.

The following guidelines apply to any and all events with food:

• When making your reservation, please be sure to schedule adequate set-up and break-down time for caterers.

• Drop off catering must be delivered and picked up during the reservation period. It is likely that another group will be using the room prior to the catered event so the food cannot be dropped off early.

• We do not provide serving items, i.e. linens, utensils, water, ice, etc.

• Organizations must provide tablecloths for any surface where food is served or consumed.

• Event organizers are responsible for seeing that each room is left in a neat and tidy manner and that all policies are adhered to. Furniture must be returned to its original location. Tables and counters must be cleaned. Any extra cleaning charges will be assessed to the event host and his/her organization/department.


Dartmouth College permits the use of alcoholic beverages in select campus facilities. All events should follow the college Alcohol and Drug policy here

Below are the policies for the GRAD social space at 4 Currier.:

Alcohol Policies for All Users

• Hard alcohol (liquor or any beverage over 15% alcohol) is not permitted on Campus.

• All users that have alcoholic beverages at their event are responsible for complying with College regulations, New Hampshire State Law, and all federal and local laws and regulations.

• Safety and Security is required at large events where alcohol is present. Determination of the minimum number of officers required is at the sole discretion of S&S. Host groups or individuals will be billed for the cost of security personnel. Here are general guidelines using the undergrad policy.

• At any event at which alcohol is present, sufficient quantities of food and non-alcoholic beverages must also be available (as stated in AMP guidelines).

• Alcoholic beverages are confined to the space that is reserved.

• If an event is having alcohol served by an insured and approved caterer, the sponsoring organization cannot bring in their own alcohol. 

Alcohol Policies for Recognized Dartmouth GRAD Student Organizations
GRAD Student Organization events at which alcohol will be served must be registered by the host through the college's on-line Alcohol Management Program (AMP), which may be obtained online here


• Decorating and the removal of decorations must occur during the time of the reservation and is the responsibility of the sponsoring group/event host.

• Helium balloons are not permitted. They can get caught in the ceiling fans or can set off the optical smoke detectors.

• Smoke, fog and bubble machines are not allowed. Bubbles make the floor too slippery. Smoke and fog set off smoke detectors which set off fire alarms.

• Candles, oil lamps, or incense are not permitted.

• ONLY gaffers or masking tape may be used. Gaffers tape may be used for decorations that need to be adhered to the floor, but the tape must be removed. Decorations may not be taped to the shades or windows.

• Flowers and other decorations must arrive and be removed during the reservation period.

• Ladders may be reserved and used with approval prior to the date of the event.

• Hanging decorations must be approved prior to the date of the event. 

Accessibility Services

The School for Graduate and Advanced Studies is committed to making the facility and programs accessible to all members of our community. 

• The event organizer should take reasonable steps to identify requests for accommodations ahead of time.

• For any assistance in the reservation process, please call the GRAD Office, 603.646.2106.

• 4 Currier is wheelchair accessible.

• To contact the College's EOAA Coordinator, email institutional.diversity.&[email protected] or call 603-646-3197.

Building Hours: 4 Currier GRAD Lounge will be key-card accessible 24/7.
The College policy on sleeping in non-dormitory buildings applies. ABSOLUTELY NO ONE is allowed to sleep overnight in a College non-dormitory building. This is a strictly enforced fire law for which ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTION is made neither for anyone nor by anyone.

In every instance, persons found sleeping in such buildings will be removed, including individuals in their own office areas.

Contact Information Facilities Operations and Management 646-2485 HB 6111 [email protected]