Collective Bargaining Agreement Updates

Collective Bargaining Agreement

Updated July 11, 2024

Dartmouth and GOLD-UE, the graduate student union, have reached their first collective bargaining agreement (CBA). The GOLD-UE membership ratified the three-year contract agreement on June 24. The CBA is effective immediately and will impact how we manage aspects of our graduate and research activities.

Dartmouth's contract implementation team has started taking the necessary steps to ensure that all contractual benefits are in place. Some benefits, like retirement plan participation, will begin once we have the required information and our systems are updated. Others may require additional systems and processes. 

We will keep the Guarini community informed through our bi-weekly newsletter and updates on this page. Please see the FAQs below for additional details about our collective bargaining agreement.

Please note: Our current policies and website content may not reflect the CBA changes, but we hope to update them as soon as practicable. 

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