What's New in the Graduate Social Scene this Winter?

For those new to campus, and as a reminder to current students, Graduate Student Activities Coordinator Ellie Nan Storck encourages grad students to look out for events and initiatives they can get involved in to help combat the cabin fever that can come with the long New England winters!

The winter months, while often beautiful and snow-laden, can feel long and tiring. The days are shorter and school work can pile up, causing all sorts of seasonal and academic stress. However, the Graduate Student Council (GSC) is here to make sure that graduate students have the opportunity — and feel encouraged! — to get out and meet peers, socialize, and have some well-deserved fun during the cold season.

I took my position as graduate student activities coordinator knowing the life of a graduate student can feel a bit disconnected on campus; it seems like the undergrads have endless amounts of programming and events, and it’s a little more challenging for grad students to find things to do and meet like-minded people. The GSC is here to help! If you know where to look, and who to talk to (anyone on the Grad Student Council), you’ll find that there are lots of events created specifically for graduate students in the hopes of fostering a sense of community and camaraderie.

To find out about all events planned by any graduate student group, the GSC, or Guarini-affiliated programs, make sure you’re reading Dart Grad Weekly, an email that comes to all graduate students every Friday with a full list of programs and events coming up. If for some reason you’re not currently on this list, you can email dartmouth.graduate.weekly@dartmouth.edu. Additionally, if you head to the GSC Facebook Page and the Guarini Facebook Page, you’ll find all events advertised, and on the Dartmouth GSC event page you’ll find a full monthly calendar displaying all student events; you can even submit your own event here.

Examples of the sorts of events the GSC plans are free yoga classes, wine and cheese nights, happy hours at local bars in downtown Hanover, crafting nights at the GRAD student lounge, dances each term, outdoor activities like hiking and skating, and much more! We’re currently in the process of planning a special formal gala specifically for graduate students in spring term, in celebration of Dartmouth’s 250th year — students can look forward to live music, local catering, sparkling wine, and a special event space — more info to come soon!

Additionally, be sure to look out for an email early next week from Kerry Landers, detailing all of the events and programming we’ve planned for Grad Mental Health Awareness Month in February. Events will range from cake pop decorating to a wellness spa day, free ice skating to suicide prevention workshops, and much more!

And of course, if you ever have suggestions, ideas, questions, or you just fancy a chat, please reach out to me at graduate.student.council.activities@dartmouth.edu