Internship and Experiential Learning Courses for Graduate Students at Dartmouth

Affected Parties

Tuck Students, Students Under the Guarini School Programs

Policy Statement

Certain graduate degree programs offer internship course(s) or require internships for the degree. Go to the Guarini School website for a list of internship courses at Dartmouth.

Guarini School policy allows Ph.D. students to enroll in a maximum of 3 full-time internship courses during the academic degree program. Requests for enrollment in more than 3 full-time internship courses throughout the program, or for any part-time internship based on an internship course, require special permission from the Guarini School and the host department. 

OVIS will be able to authorize Curricular Practical Training ("CPT") for graduate students who are enrolled in an internship course and who submit a complete CPT Request form in iDartmouth.

Tuck students will need to use the Tuck CPT Request form in iDartmouth.

For graduate CPT requests students will need to submit:

  • Copy of employment offer letter
  • Copy of the front and back of most recent I-94 card (if entry to the U.S. by land), or a copy of most recent admission stamp and I-94 record printout (if entry to the U.S. by air or sea).

Please allow sufficient time for review and processing of your CPT request. We recommend submitting your request at least one month before the beginning date of your internship.

International students with immigration sponsorship from Dartmouth College should consult the Office of Visa and Immigration Services (OVIS) about the application process and eligibility for Curricular Practical Training (CPT) employment authorization to complete the internship or other external practical training experience.

Students should consult the Course Catalog (ORC) for specific course descriptions.

Effective Date

June 1, 2016

Last Revised Date

November 24, 2020

Office of Primary Responsibility