Mental Health

Accessing Mental Health Crisis Services For Graduate Students

Uhelp Crisis Line (Uhelp is a service of Uwill): 833-646-1526
Uwill is a free and confidential teletherapy service for all Dartmouth students. This partnership is to complement our already available counseling services for students. Uwill has a 24/7/365 crisis line that is available to all students. A student does not have to be registered on the Uwill platform to use this crisis service. They can call the Uhelp number (listed above) to talk directly with a crisis counselor. Uhelp has crisis counselors throughout the country, who can provide support to a student located anywhere (US or international). Students have been using Uhelp and report that calls have been answered quickly, and the crisis counselors were helpful

Counseling Center603-646-9442:
During regular business hours: Identify that you would like to speak with the Counselor On-Call. 

After regular business hours: Choose option 1 or 2 from the voicemail prompts:

Option 1: Transfer directly to a Uhelp crisis provider

Option 2: Transfer to DOSS (S&S) or a Dick's House nurse

NH Rapid Response Access Point: call or text 833-710-6477

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: call or text 988

Graduate Student Wellness Check-Ins

Available via Zoom!
The student wellness center has a cohort of graduate student coaches who have participated in wellness coach training, and are available to provide co-facilitated check0in sessiosns with members of the Wellness Center. If you're struggling with motivation, purpose, relationships, worries, or anything else, we are here. Our goal is to support you in navigating any transitions you may be facing and help you get to the heart of what matters most so that you can continue to create the life you want to be living.

More details, including cohort profiles and how to schedule a check-in, can be found on the Student Wellness Center website.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month

We are celebrating and recognizing good mental health in May and have developed a calendar of events throughout the month. Keep checking THIS page for updates as they come!

Campus Resources for Mental Health Support

There are several resources on campus offering mental health support.

If you are having suicide ideation thoughts, please call the national suicide prevention hotline: 1-800.273.8255.

On campus, the Counseling Center offers therapeutic counseling. The Tucker Centeroffers spiritual counseling. Both the Counseling Center and Tucker Center are confidential resources. 

The Guarini School Assistant Deans can help by listening, advocating for you, and helping you figure next best steps. The Guarini School is a private resource.