Parking & Transportation

Commuting Students

All commuting (living off-campus) students are required to register their vehicles. Contact the Parking Office to see if your address is in a commuting zone.


Carpools are encouraged in situations where it is possible for several commuting students to ride in a single car. Application for a multi-car permit should be made as a group, and only one fee need be paid, although as many cars in the group will be registered as desired. The group will be issued a single windshield card, which must be displayed whenever the car is parked on campus.


Student parking is prohibited in any space other than the student's assigned lot, with the following exception: Student parking in faculty and employee lots is permitted from 5 p.m. to 2 a.m.

Except for those times, students are prohibited from parking in the faculty and employee areas at any time during the year. This prohibition includes vacations and the days at beginning and end of terms. The visitors' spaces on the campus are reserved for persons conducting business with Dartmouth College and are not authorized spaces for students or student guests.

Student guests will be allowed to park in student lots for periods of two days or less but must first inform the Parking Office.

Learn more about parking at Dartmouth and area transportation.

Violations and Parking Fines

See Parking Operations for a full description of violations and fines.

State Registration

The New Hampshire Director of Motor Vehicles recommends that students register their vehicles in their home states. Students who reside in other states but register their cars in New Hampshire may find that they are legally registered only in New Hampshire. 

International students, scholars, and faculty should visit the Office of Visa and Immigration Services (OVIS) for information relating to obtaining a driver's license.