Graduate Student Poster Session 2023

Poster Session 2023

After a three-year hiatus we are thrilled to welcome everyone back to our in-person poster session -- a highlight of Graduate Student Appreciation Week (April 3-7).

This year's event will be held on TUESDAY, April 4, from 5-7:30 pm in the Engineering and Computer Science Center at Thayer. (Please note the date has changed from Wednesday 5th to Tuesday 4th)

If you would like to sign up to present, please use this form with your DartID.

Poster Presenters and Titles

Graduate Student Poster Session 2023
Tuesday, April 4, 5:00 p.m. -7:30 p.m. in in the Engineering and Computer Science Center at Thayer
Winners will be bolded after the event

Stuti Agrawal, Cognitive Neuroscience: Psychological and Brain Sciences (Kyle Smith)
The Function of the NAc to VP Pathway in Food- and Socially-Motivated Behaviors

Emma Ambrogi, Chemistry (Katherine Mirica)
Employing Triphenylene-based, Layered, Conductive Metal-Organic Framework Materials as Electrochemical Sensors for Nitric Oxide

Cesar Arguello, Computer Science (David Kotz and Tim Pierson)
Harmonic Radar for the Detection of Smart Electronics

Alicia Barber, Integrative Neuroscience (Arti Gaur)
Longitudinal Analysis in an Alzheimer's Murine Model Reveals a Sex-specific Inflammatory Response

Peter Bertone, Engineering (Katie Hixon)
Tissue-Engineered Scaffold-Mediated Bone Regeneration at Bone-Metallic Interfaces as an Improved Treatment in Orthopaedic Oncological Reconstruction

Camilo Castelblanco, Integrative Neuroscience (Caroline Robertson)
Multi-echo Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Intracranial Electroencephalography to Understand Neuronal Dynamics in the Anterior Temporal Lobe 

Yao Chen, Engineering (Kimberley Samkoe)
Fluorescence Optomic Signatures to Improve the Identification of Head and Neck Cancer

Megan Clark, Engineering (David Gladstone and Petr Bruza)
High Resolution Scintillation Imaging for Quality Assurance of Ultra High Dose Rate Proton Therapy Deliveries 

Savannah Decker, Engineering (David Gladstone)
Cherenkov Surface Dosimetry for Diverse Patient Populations

George Geier, Earth Sciences (Justin Strauss)
New Insights into Devonian–Carboniferous Geological Relationships in the Northeastern Brooks Range of Alaska

Ruixu Huang, Engineering (Britt Goods)
Mapping Ovulation with Spatiotemporal and Single-cell Resolution

Mingi Jeong, Computer Science (Alberto Quattrini Li)
Towards Robust Autonomous Navigation System by Robotic Boat under High-traffic Environments

Edwin Jiang, Engineering (Ian Baker and Jifeng Liu)
Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of FeMnNiAlCr High Entropy Alloys for Concentrated Solar Power

Sadia Islam Kana, Cancer Biology: Molecular and Cellular Biology Program (Lucas A Salas)
Understanding Heterogeneity in Clear-Cell Subtype of Renal Cell Carcinoma through scRNA-seq

Samuel Lensgraf, Computer Science (Devin Balkcom and Alberto Quattrini-Li)
Buoyancy Enabled Autonomous Underwater Construction with Cement Blocks

Afton Limberg, Engineering (Douglas Van Citters)
Porous Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene as a Tunable Orthopedic Scaffold

Hanxu Lu, Cancer Biology: Molecular and Cellular Biology Program  (Brock Christensen)
Investigating the Association Between EMT States and Immune Cell Profile in Breast Cancer

Ravindra Mangar, Computer Science (David Kotz and Timothy Pierson)

Zackary Misso, Computer Science (Wojciech Jarosz)
Progressive Null-tracking for Volumetric Rendering

Clare Murray, Microbiology and Immunology: Molecular and Cellular Biology Program (Tyler Curiel)
Pharmacologic Tumor PDL1 Depletion as a Translational Approach to Inhibit Tumor-intrinsic PDL1 Signals and Create Novel Treatment Vulnerabilities

Caleb Okpala, Earth Sciences (Meredith A. Kelly)
Timing of Glacial Extents on Cerro Chirripó during the LGM Using 10Be and 3He Surface Exposure Dating 

Carlos Ontiveros, Microbiology and Immunology: Molecular and Cellular Biology Program (Tyler Curiel)
Melanocyte-intrinsic PDL1 Promotes Tumorigenesis and Progression in a Novel Autochthonous Melanoma Model

Joseph Pennington, Biochemistry and Cell Biology: Molecular and Cellular Biology Program (Dale Mierke and Maria Pellegrini)
Rac and Roll! Targeting a Small GTPase

Arthur Petusseau, Engineering (Petr Bruza)
Real Time Intracellular Oxygen Mapping in Vivo during FLASH-RT Using Delayed Fluorescence of Protoporphyrin IX

Morgan Reik, Chemistry (Ekaterina Pletneva)
Axial Ligation and Redox Properties of Cytochrome c Are Modulated Through Hydrogen-bonding Interactions of Heme Propionates

Emma Rogers, Earth Sciences (Marisa Palucis)
Reconstructing Basaltic Sediment Transport on Mars Using Terrestrial Analogues 

Katherine Salesin, Computer Science (Wojciech Jarosz)
Unifying State-of-the-Art Radiative Transfer Models in Computer Graphics and Remote Sensing

Peter Seegmiller, Computer Science (Sara Preum)
In-Context Learning for the Extraction of Medical Temporal Constraints

Dario Seyb, Computer Science (Wojciech Jarosz)
Grid-Free Monte Carlo for PDEs with Spatially Varying Coefficients

Rebecca Thomson, Engineering (Douglas Van Citters)
Alternatives to Synthetic Mesh for Mid-Urethral Slings in Women with Stress Urinary Incontinence

Jessica Tolbert, Chemistry (F Jon Kull and Charles R. Midgett)
Structural Analysis of a Virulence Factor Regulatory Protein Suggests Novel Small Molecule Therapeutics

Irma Vlasac, Cancer Biology: Molecular and Cellular Biology Program (Brock Christensen)
Effect of H. pylori on DNA Methylation of Normal gastric Tissue

Chixiang Wang, Computer Science (David Kotz)
Wi-Fi insider: Determining the origins of signals

James Winans, Biological Sciences: Molecular and Cellular Biology Program (Carey Nadell)
Multispecies Biofilm Architecture Determines Bacterial Exposure to Phages

Jae Hyung Woo, Psychological and Brain Sciences (Alireza Soltani)
Higher Long-term Global Reward Improves Consistency of Reward-dependent Choice Strategies in Mice and Monkeys

Jia Yang, Chemistry (Ekaterina Pletneva)
Redox Potential and Enzymatic Properties of CcoP Subunits of cbb3 Oxidases in Pseudomonas Stutzeri and Pseudomonas Aeruginosa

Ze Zhang, Quantitative Biomedical Sciences (Lucas Salas and Brock Christensen)
HiTAIC: Hierarchical Tumor Artificial Intelligence Classifier Traces Tissue of Origin and Tumor Type in Primary and Metastasized Tumors Using DNA Methylation

Luyang Zhao, Computer Science (Devin Balkcom)
StarBlocks: Soft Actuated Self-connecting Blocks for Building Deformable Lattice Structures