Graduate Student Poster Session 2024

Poster Session

The Guarini School's Graduate Student Poster Session was held on Tuesday, April 16, from 5-7:30 pm in the Ballroom at the Hanover Inn.

Join us for a reception highlighting graduate student research in the form of a poster session. This is our premier forum for the Guarini community to get together. At the conclusion of the event, we will present the Graduate Diversity Awards and prizes for the best posters.

Prizes of $200 will be awarded for the top four posters.

Poster Presenters and Titles

Winners will be bolded after the event.

Rebecca Abraham, Music (Bethany Younge)
Choreographing Sound: Co-creating Music and Movement Through Touch

Stuti Agrawal, Psychological and Brain Sciences(Kyle Smith)
Peripubertal Social Disruption Persistently Alters Motivated Behaviors in Adulthood

Amritha Anup, Engineering (Katie Hixon)
Combined Scaffold Fabrication Techniques for the Bone-Tendon Interface

Xhoela Bame, Biological Sciences: Molecular and Cellular Biology Program (Robert Hill)
Mitochondrial Network Reorganization and Transient Expansion during Oligodendrocyte Generation 

Kexin Cai, Psychological and Brain Sciences (Arjen Stolk)
Probing into Communicative Challenges in Autism Spectrum Condition

Yao Chen, Engineering (Kimberley S. Samkoe)
In Vivo Modeling Imaging Probe Tissue Penetration for Fluorescence Guided Surgery

Evan Cline, Chemistry (Katherine Mirica )
Chemical Sensing Arrays of Conductive Metallophthalocyanine-Based Metal-Organic Frameworks 

Sarah Cornelius, Quantitative Biomedical Sciences (Erika Moen)
Migration of Oncology Physicians in the U.S. Based on Medicare Claims Data

Amel Nestor B Docena, Computer Science (Alberto Quattrini Li)
Search-based Strategy for SpatioTemporal Environmental Property Restoration

Simone Evans, Integrative Neuroscience (Jennifer Hong)
PTEN Regulates Microtubule Polymerization through mTORC2, but not mTORC1, in Peripheral Sensory Neurons

Sarah Friday, Computer Science (Adithya Pediredla)
Snapshot Lidar: Fourier Embedding of Amplitude and Phase for Single-image Depth Reconstruction 

Reina Harding, Earth Sciences (Justin Strauss and Brenhin Keller)
An Updated Subsidence-based Age model for Ediacaran Devonian Strata in NW Canada

Madeline Hoey, Engineering (Lee Lynd)
Addressing Co-treatment Performance Criteria  

Miriam Janssen, Psychological and Brain Sciences (Matthijs van der Meer)
The Relationship Between Hippocampal Sharp Wave-Ripples and Ventral Striatal Dopamine

Taewook Kang, Microbiology and Immunology: Molecular and Cellular Biology Program (Edward Usherwood)
Modulated Balance of Pyruvate Metabolism Induces Different CD8+ T Cell Responses to Viruses and Cancer

Yanqiao Li, Engineering (Jason T. Stauth)
Towards Untethered Microrobots - A Miniaturized Platform for a Highly Efficient Electrostatic Actuator Driver

Jonathan Lindbloom ,Mathematics (Anne Gelb)
Efficient Gaussian Sampling for Sparsity-promoting Hierarchical Bayesian Inversion

Xiangbei Liu, Engineering (Yan Li)
Few-Shot Learning-Based Generative Design of Metamaterials with  Zero Poissons Ratio

Vignesh Gokuladas Menon, Earth Sciences (Mukal Sharma)
Role of heterotrophic bacteria in organoclay flocculation in the surface oceans

Catherine Miller, Ecology, Evolution, Environment and Society (EEES) (Jeremy DeSilva)
Analyzing Variation in Early Hominin Knee Shape Using a Deformation-based Approach  

Madeline Morrisson, Molecular and Systems Biology: Molecular and Cellular Biology Program (Michael Whitfield)
Interspecies Comparison of Tsk2/+ Mouse Skin and Human Systemic  Sclerosis with Insights into the Tsk2/+ Mechanism of Action

Hang Nguyen, Engineering (Kimberley S. Samkoe)
Fluorescence Guided Surgery: Revolutionizing Margin Assessment with a Visualization Platform

Caleb Okpala, Earth Sciences (Meredith Kelly)
10Be Surface Exposure Dating of Past Glacial Extents on Cerro Chirripo, Costa Rica

Sanjana Pannem, Engineering (Kimberley Samkoe)

Cameron Paton, Biological Sciences: Molecular and Cellular Biology Program (Mike Hoppa )
ER Resident Tethering Protein, VAP, Regulates Presynaptic Organelle Calcium Handling and Synaptic Transmission

Kathleen Paul, Molecular and Systems Biology: Molecular and Cellular Biology Program (Matt Havrda)
Transcriptional and Functional Characterization of Monocytes in Parkinson's Disease  

Steven Pike, Integrative Neuroscience (Lucas Salas and Francesca GilliGlioma)
Immune Microenvironment Composition Calculator (GIMiCC): A Method of Estimating the Proportions of Eighteen Key Cell Types from Human Brain Tissue Assayed using Illumina DNA Methylation Microarray Technology

Zachary Protich, Chemistry (Jimmy Wu)
Regiodivergent (3 + 2) Annulation Reactions of Oxyallylcations

Anne Randall, Earth Sciences (Meredith Kelly)
Developing a Record of Upland Deglaciation at Termination 1 from Smith and Sky Ponds, New Hampshire

Timothy Renier, Quantitative Biomedical Sciences (Diane Gilbert-Diamond)
OGTT Glucose and Insulin Response Shapes and Metabolic Health in Children with Overweight or Obesity;

Bishal Sharma, Engineering (Daniel G Olson)
Understanding the Effect of Metabolic Engineering in Clostridium Thermocellum for High Titer Ethanol Production

Yuan Shi, Engineering (Ryan Halter)
Towards Surgical Navigation in Image-Guided Transoral Robotic Surgery

John Shin, Health Policy and Clinical Practice (Inas Khayal)
Fairness in Defining Health Disparities: Applying Clinically Informed Machine Learning to Identify Longitudinal Racial Disparities Hidden in Quality Measures

Peder Solberg, Engineering (Douglas Van Citters)
Clinically Prioritized Materials Science: Creating the Next Generation of Smart Orthopedic Implants using Conductive Polymer Composites

Jacob Sunnerberg, Engineering (Brian Pogue)
Radiation-Induced Oxygen Consumption in FLASH-RT

Ya Tang, Engineering (Yan Li)
Performance Enhancement of Thermoelectric Generators with Advanced Metamaterials Design for Waste Heat Recovery

Roman Vasyltsiv, Engineering (Petr Bruza)
Fast Imaging of Novel Conformal Scintillator Array for In Vivo Monitoring and Verification During UHDR PBS Proton Therapy

Jae Hyung Woo, Psychological and Brain Sciences (Alireza Soltani)
Contribution of Amygdala to Dynamic Model Arbitration under Uncertainty

Songzhi Wu, Psychological and Brain Sciences (Jonathan Phillips)
Forgiving and Forgetting?: Neural Correlates of Interpersonal Forgiveness

Huan Zhao, Engineering (Yan Li)
Additively Manufactured Metamaterial using Piezoceramic-Polymer Composite