Outstanding Graduate Student Teacher Lunch

Outstanding Graduate Student Teacher Lunch 2024

In honor of Graduate Student Appreciation Week, each year the Dartmouth Center for the Advancement of Learning (DCAL) hosts a celebration lunch for graduate students nominated by their undergraduate students or mentees in recognition of their outstanding teaching in the classroom, lab, or as a mentor. This year, DCAL received 30 nominations for 21 graduate students. Notes of appreciation from the nominations are shared during the event. 

DCAL, the campus center for teaching and learning, offers a broad range of programming to assist graduate students and postdocs in their current and future teaching roles. 

Graduate Student Nominees

  • Jon Alperstein, ANTH, teaching assistant
  • Kelly Cantwell, PHYS, teaching assistant
  • Jiayi Chen, MATH, instructor
  • Sarah Cuprewich, ENVS, teaching assistant
  • Patrick Damacet, CHEM, teaching assistant
  • Matthew Ellison, MATH, instructor
  • Sixtine Fleury, PBS research mentor
  • Dylan Green, MATH, teaching assistant & instructor
  • Kang Gu, COSC, teaching assistant
  • Chengxi Li, CHEM, teaching assistant
  • Benjamin Logsdon, MATH, instructor
  • Lily McBeath, MATH, teaching assistant
  • Andrew McCray, BIOL, teaching assistant
  • Shefali Patra, CHEM, teaching assistant
  • Grayson Petter, PHYS, research mentor
  • Vedang Puranik, CHEM, teaching assistant
  • Monika Roznere, COSC, research mentor
  • Clara Sava Segal, PSYC, teaching assistant
  • Jasmine Shirey, WRIT, teaching assistant
  • Kyle Singh, WRIT, teaching assistant
  • Jasper Tucker, COSC, mentor