Poster Session 2018

Presenters and Titles 2018

Below are the entrants in the 2018 Poster Session, to be held during Graduate Appreciation Week on Wednesday, April 4, 5-7:30 pm in Alumni Hall.

Congratulations to the 2018 Poster Presentation Award Winners, highlighted here in bold.

Chuankai An, Computer Science (Dan Rockmore)
Referral Paths in the U.S. Patient Referral Network

Aylin Aykanat, Chemistry (Katherine Mirica)
2D Aza-Fused Covalent Organic Frameworks

Iara Backes, Microbiology and Immunology (David Leib, Margaret Ackerman)  
Maternal mAb Therapy for Neonatal Herpes

Amy Biermann, Microbiology (Deborah Hogan)     
Mrr is Involved in Regulating Expression of Methylglyoxal Detox Genes in Candida lusitaniae    

Nicholas Blelloch, Chemistry (Katherine Mirica)
Photo-Responsive Sublimable Adhesives

Carly Bobak, Quantitative Biomedical Sciences (Jane Hill, James O'Malley)     
Developing Diagnostics for Tuberculosis using Big Data

Daisy Burr, Psychological and Brain Sciences (Luke Chang)
Temporal Dynamics of Spontaneous Affective Processing: Longer Negative Emotional Events are Rated More Positively

Keith Carlson, Computer Science (Daniel Rockmore)
Publication Bias and Political Affiliation in the U.S. Circuit Courts

David Chen, Quantitative Biomedical Sciences (Brock Christensen, Arminja Kettenbach)
Predictive Analytics of Cancer Protein Expression Using Epigenetic and Genomic Features

Jin Hyun Cheong, Psychological and Brain Sciences (Luke Chang)
Temporal Dynamics in Biomarkers of Doctor Empathy Modulates Patient Pain Responses in Simulated Clinical Interactions

Victor Churchill, Mathematics (Anne Gelb)
Edge-Adaptive l2 Image Reconstruction from Vehicle SAR Dataset

Michelle Clay, Microbiology and Immunology (Deb Hogan)             
Microoxic Life of Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Emma Cutler, Thayer School of Engineering (Mary Albert)    
Dynamic Risk Analysis of Coastal Beach Nourishment

Alejandro Damasio Gil, Chemistry (Michael Ragusa)            
Structure and Function of Atg20 and Atg24

Laurie Delatour, Molecular and Systems Biology (Hermes Yeh)
The Effects of Prenatal Ethanol Exposure on Radial Migration and the Development of Pyramidal Neurons in the Somatosensory Cortex

Sally Demirdjian, Microbiology and Immunology (Brent Berwin)
PIP3 Induces Phagocytosis of Non-Motile Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Yunling Deng, Chemistry (Ekaterina Pletneva)                   
Effects of the Intraprotein Hydrogen-Bonding Network on the Dynamics of the Alkaline Transition of Cytochrome C

Melanie Dennis, Mathematics (Peter Doyle)            
Generalizing the Red Hot Potato

Evan Dethier, Earth Sciences (Carl Renshaw, Francis Magilligan)
Global Spatial and Temporal Variation in River Suspended Sediment Transport

Kayla Duval, Thayer School of Engineering (Jack Hoopes)                            
Immune Enhancement of Hypofractionated Radiation

Monica E. Espinoza, Molecular and System's Biology (Michael Whitfield)
Filtration and Normalization Techniques for Differential Abundance Testing with Metagenomics Data from Patients with Systemic Sclerosis (SSc)

Alicia Everitt, Thayer School of Engineering (Ryan Halter)   
Real-time Detection of Prostate Cancer Using a Custom Tetrapolar-based Electrical Impedance Sensing Biopsy Needle

Anne Farrell, Biology/EEES (Olga Zhaxybayeva)                 
Evolution of Optimum Growth Temperature in Thermotogae

Jennifer Franks, Molecular and Systems Biology (Michael Whitfield)             
Novel Machine Learning Classifier Accurately Classifies Intrinsic Molecular Subsets of Systemic Sclerosis

Hannah Grover, Thayer School of Engineering (Zi Chen)                               
Biomechanics of Early Embryonic Brain Morphogenesis

Rachael Hachadorian, Thayer School of Engineering (Brian Pogue)                 
The Inverse Correlation of Cherenkov Emission and Tissue Optical Properties Measured by Reflect RS

David Han, The Dartmouth Institute (Lisa Schwartz, Steven Woloshin)
Fourth Year Medical Student Perceptions of Wellness Resources at Geisel

Huanping Huang, Earth Sciences (Jonathan Winter, Erich Osterberg)               
Mechanisms of the Extreme Precipitation Jump in the Northeastern United States after 1996

Margaret Jackson , Earth Sciences (Meredith Kelly)
Tropical African Glacier Fluctuations During Termination 1

Congran Jin, Thayer School of Engineering (Zi Chen)                                   
Analyzing the Mechanical Response of an Ionic Polymer-Metal Composite (IPMC)-Actuated Bistable Structure

Joshua Kerkaert, Microbiology (Robert Cramer)                  
Aspergillus fumigatus Hypoxia Response Impacts Biofilm Formation

Michael Ko, Chemistry (Katherine Mirica)
Electrically-Transduced Devices Based on 2D Metal-Organic Frameworks

Michael Kokko, Thayer School of Engineering (Douglas Van Citters)             
Explants, Electrons, and Light: The Search for Prosthetic Joint Infection

Caitlin Kowalski, Microbiology and Immunology (Robert Cramer)                
Experimental Evolution of Aspergillus fumigatus in Low Oxygen Reveals Novel Genes Associated with Virulence

Ethan LaRochelle , Thayer School of Engineering (Brian Pogue, Scott Davis)
Non-contact Optical Sensing of In-vivo Tumor Oxygenation During Radiation Therapy

Stephanie Lee, Molecular and Systems Biology (Hermes Yeh)
Ethanol, Calcium and Growth Cone Dynamics in Immature GABAergic Cortical Interneurons

Gabe Lewis, Earth Sciences (Erich Osterberg)         
Spatial Variability of Accumulation Across the Western Greenland Ice Sheet Percolation Zone from Ground-penetrating-radar and Shallow Firn Cores

Ko-Wei Liu, Microbiology and Immunology (Robert Cramer)
An Ancient Conserved Protein Domain is Critical for Innate Host Defense Against Aspergillus fumigatus

Audrey Martin, Thayer School of Engineering (Douglas Van Citters)              
Disassociation of Acetabular Liners: Retrieval Analysis with Mechanical Simulation

Katherine McCoy , Molecular and Cellular Biology (Gevorg Grigoryan)
Predicting PDZ-Peptide Binding Strengths

Matthew Mehlenbacher, Chemistry (Dean Wilcox)               
Thermodynamic Characterization of the Periplasmic Mercury Binding Protein, MerP

Haydn Mitchell, Chemistry (Katherine Mirica, Douglas Van Citters)              
Molecular Solids as Sublimable Adhesives

Dallas Mould, Molecular and Cellular Biology (Deborah Hogan)
Synergistic Interactions Between Microbes Over Space and Time

Meghan Muse, Epidemiology (Diane Gilbert-Diamond, Brock Christensen)     
Relationship Between In Utero Arsenic Exposure and Growth During the First Year of Life in a New Hampshire Pregnancy Cohort

Mavra Nasir, Quantitative Biomedical Sciences (Jane Hill)    
Towards Breath-based Diagnostics for Lung Infections in Cystic Fibrosis

Brandon Ross, Microbiology and Immunology (Robert Cramer)
Adaptation of Aspergillus fumigatus to the Cystic Fibrosis Lung: The Role of Nitrogen Metabolism in Persistence

Tamer Shabaneh, Microbiology and Immunology (Mary Jo Turk)                              
Oncogenic BRAFV600E Governs Regulatory T cell Recruitment During Melanoma Tumorigenesis

Baihao Shao, Chemistry (Ivan Aprahamian)           
Photochromic Hydrazone with On-Off Fluorescence Response

Dong Woo Shin, Chemistry (Ekaterina Pletneva)    
A Molecular Insight into Function-Switching in Cytochrome c

Phuong Vincent, Thayer School of Engineering (Brian Pogue)
Effect of Tumor Stroma on Drug Delivery in Pancreatic Cancer

Katharine von Herrmann, Molecular and Systems Biology (Matthew Havrda)    
NLRP3 Polymorphism Associated with a Decreased Risk of Parkinson’s Disease Impacts NLRP3 Protein Life Cycle

Shanice Webster, Microbiology and Immunology (George O'Toole, Mary Lou Guerinot)
Novel Role of the Type IV Pili Alignment Complex, PilMNOP Proteins, in Surface Sensing and Cyclic-di-GMP Signaling

Owen Wilkins, Epidemiology (Brock Christensen)              
Normal Breast Tissue 5- hydroxymethylcytosine is Enriched at DNA Regulatory Elements in Breast Cancer Cells

Xiaotian Wu, Thayer School of Engineering (Ryan Halter, Joseph Paydarfar)
Evaluating Surgeons' Performance with and without Intraoperative Imaging during Laryngoscopy