Poster Session 2017

Poster Titles and Presenters

Below are the entrants in the 2017 Poster Session, to be held during Graduate Appreciation Week on Tuesday, April 11, 5-7:30 pm in Alumni Hall. Congratulations to this year's winners! (in bold)

Shruti Agarwal, Computer Science (Hany Farid)
Deciphering Severely Degraded License Plates

Chuankai An, Computer Science (Daniel Rockmore)
Analysis of the U.S. Patient Referral Network

Angelica Babei, Mathematics (Thomas Shemanske and John Voight)
Normalizers of Graduated Orders and the Symmetries of Their Associated Convex Polytopes

Arielle Baker, Molecular and Systems Biology (Allan Gulledge)
Reciprocal Control of Corticofugal Output by Serotonin and Acetylcholine

George Boateng, Thayer School of Engineering (Ryan Halter and David Kotz)
ActivityAware: An App for Real-Time Activity Level Monitoring on the Amulet Wrist-Worn Device

Stephanie Bouley, Molecular and Systems Biology (Yolanda Sanchez and Konstantin Dragnev)
Targeting NF1-dysregulated Tumors Using a Synthetic Lethal Approach

Benjamin Breen, Mathematics (John Voight and Thomas Shemanske)
Heuristics on Class Groups

McKinley Brumback, Physics and Astronomy (Ryan Hickox)
Using NuSTAR to Probe X-ray Pulsars with Warped Disks and Flares

Daisy Burr, Psychological and Brain Sciences (Paul Whalen)
Gender Differences in Spontaneous Emotion Regulation

Rebecca Butler, Thayer School of Engineering (Ryan Halter)
Limiting Iatrogenic Injury with a Bone-Characterizing Smart Dental Drill

Keith Carlson, Computer Science (Daniel Rockmore)
Automatic Text Simplification with Neural Networks

Stacey Ceron, Microbiology and Immunology (David Leib)
DMXAA: A Novel STING Agonist for Treatment of Herpes Simplex Encephalitis?

Sara Chari, Mathematics (John Voight)
Metacommutation of Primes in Quaternion Orders

David Chen, Epidemiology/Biochemistry/Cell Biology (Brock Christensen and Arminja N. Kettenbach)
Concordance of DNA Methylation Profiles Between Breast Core Biopsy and Surgical Excision Specimens Containing Ductal Carcinoma in situ (DCIS)

Shan Chen, Molecular and Systems Biology (Jay Dunlap and Jennifer Loros)
Circadian Rhythms in Murine Macrophages

Xingru Chen, Mathematics (Feng Fu)
Social Learning Can Promote Socially Optimal Use of Antibiotics

Jin Hyun Cheong, Psychological and Brain Sciences (Luke Chang)
Inferring Social Impressions from Facial Expressions

Thach Chu, Thayer School of Engineering (Margaret Ackerman)
Engineered IgG3 Hinges Modulating Effector Function

Laurie Delatour, Molecular and Systems Biology (Hermes Yeh)
Ethanol Exposure In Utero: Effects on Radial Migration, Form, and Function of Pyramidal Neurons in the Somatosensory Cortex

Elora Demers, Microbiology and Immunology (Deborah Hogan)
Genomic and Phenotypic Population Heterogeneity of Candida Lusitaniae in Chronic Lung Infections

Melanie Dennis, Mathematics (Peter Doyle and Pete Winkler)
Red Hot Potato Algorithm

Evan Dethier, Earth Science (Carl Renshaw and Francis Magilligan)
Persistent Effects of an Extreme Flood: Tropical Storm Irene’s Imprint on the New England Landscape

Lucas Dwiel, Program in Experimental and Molecular Medicine (Alan Green)
Identifying Markers to Individualize DBS Targeting in a Rodent Model of Binge Eating

Jennifer Franks, Molecular and Systems Biology (Michael Whitfield)
Normalization Techniques for Assigning Molecular Subtypes in Autoimmune Disease and Cancer

David Freund, Mathematics (Vladimir Chernov)
Estimating Minimal Intersection Numbers

Christina Gilligan, Physics and Astronomy (Brian Chaboyer)
Multiple Stellar Populations in Globular Clusters

Emily Irvine, Psychological and Brain Sciences (Matthijs van der Meer)
A Novel Shortcut Task for Analyzing Hippocampal Sequences

Margaret Jackson, Earth Sciences (Meredith Kelly)
Glacier Fluctuations in the Rwenzori Mountains, Uganda, During the Last Glacial Maximum and Termination 1

Meridith Joyce, Physics and Astronomy (Brian Chaboyer)
Microphysics on the Macroscale: The Big Impact of Small Parameters in Stellar Evolution 

Chen Li, Thayer School of Engineering (Keith Paulsen)
Brain Deformation in Deep Brain Stimulation

Qianming Lin, Chemistry (Chenfeng Ke)
Ring-shuttling Controlled Macroscopic Motion in a 3D Printed Polyrotaxane Monolith

Julia Litzky, Epidemiology (Carmen Marsit)
Placental Imprinting Variation Associated with Assisted Reproductive Technologies and Subfertility

Rui Liu, Computer Science (David Kotz)
Vocal Resonance

Sara Lundgren, Epidemiology (Brock Christensen and Anne Hoen)
The Breast Milk Microbiome is Diverse and Displays Two Main Patterns in Healthy Women

Stephen Meisenhelter, Neurology (Barbara C. Jobst)
Electrocorticographic Changes in Hippocampal Oscillations During Memory Tasks and Spatial Navigation in Ambulatory Humans

Theodore Mellors, Thayer School of Engineering (Jane E. Hill)
Using Breath to Diagnose and Monitor M. tuberculosis Infection

Jeff Mentch, Music (Michael Casey)
Stimulus-model-based Reconstruction of Polyphonic Music Features from High-Field fMRI

Katherine Moore, Math (Sergi Elizalde and Daniel Rockmore)
Patterns in Dynamical Systems

Michael Musty, Math (John Voight and Thomas Shemanske)
Dessins d'Enfants

Mavra Nasir, Quantiative Biomedical Sciences (Jane E. Hill and Deborah A. Hogan)
Diagnosing Lung Infections Using Breath in Cystic Fibrosis Individuals

John A Naslund, The Dartmouth Institute (Stephen Bartels and Lisa Marsch)
Exploring Why People with Serious Mental Illness Connect with Their Peers and Share Personal Experiences About Their Illness Through Social Media

Yuan Nie, Thayer School of Engineering (John X.J. Zhang)
An Integrated Immunomagnetic Microchip for Single CTCs Enrichment, Isolation and Detection

Ellen Nutter, Biomedical Data Sciences/Epidemiology (Tracy Onega and Jennifer Doherty)
Developing a Smoker's Registry Through NLP-based Smoking History Ascertainment: The Tobacco User Registry & Network (TURN)

Lucy Owen, Psychological and Brain Sciences (Jeremy Manning)
Towards Human Super EEG

Timothy Palinski, Thayer School of Engineering (John X.J. Zhang)
Nanoplasmonic Antennas for Gas-phase Biosensing

Curtis Petersen, The Dartmouth Institute (Ethan Berke and Brock Christensen)
Remote Monitoring and Digital Care Management: Results for Hypertensive Adults

Christiaan Rees, Quantitative Biomedical Sciences (Jane Hill and Chris Bailey-Kellogg)
Identification of Carbapenemase-producing Enterobacteriaceae Using Volatile Molecular Signatures

Kanav Setia, Physics & Astronomy (James D. Whitfield and Bravyi-Kitaev)
Super Fast (BKSF) Simulation of Fermions on Quantum Computer

Yipeng Shi, Physics & Astronomy (John B. Weaver)
Perpendicular Magnetic Particle Imaging

Patrick Skelton, Molecular and Systems Biology (Bryan Luikart)
Pten Loss Alters the Response of Newborn Neurons to Increased Activity During Synaptic Integration

Everett Sullivan, Mathematics (Peter Doyle and Peter Winkler)
Linear Chord Diagrams with Long Chords

Diana Toledo, Molecular and Cellular Biology (Michael Whitfield)
Macrophage Modulation in Scleroderma

Nicholas Warren, Molecular and Systems Biology (Alan Eastman)
Schedule-dependent Activation of Helicases by Chk1i in dNTP-depleted Cells Causes Replication Catastrophe

Owen Wilkins, Epidemiology (Geisel) (Brock Christensen)
MicroRNA-related Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms are Associated with Susceptibility to Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Xiaotian Wu, Thayer School of Engineering (Ryan J. Halter)
Laryngoscopy System for Intra-operative Imaging During Trans-oral Surgery

Wei Yan, Physics & Astronomy (Ryan C. Hickox)
NuStar Observations of Heavily Obscured Quasars Selected by WISE

Lihuang Zhu, Physics & Astronomy (Chandrasekhar Ramanathan)
Optical Dependence of Electrically-detected Magnetic Resonance in Lightly-doped Si:P Devices