Individual Development Plan (myIDP)

We recommend that all PhD graduate students complete myIDP (Individual Development Plan), a free online tool to help science graduate students explore possibilities and set goals to pursue a career path that best fits their skills and interests.

About myIDP

This tool helps science graduate students and postdoctoral researchers set and achieve long-term career goals by asking them to assess their skills and interests, and then suggesting possible career options for them. Once the student or postdoc has completed the assessment, myIDP provides a summary development plan so that students can discuss their career goals with their faculty advisors.

The NIH strongly encourages the use of individual development plans (IDPs) for any graduate student or postdoc supported by the NIH as a way for students and faculty to share career goals. Faculty receiving NIH support (via any type of grant, including R01’s) will then address the progress of their postdocs and graduate students on the required Research Performance Progress Reports (RPPR). The hope is that faculty will engage graduate students and postdocs in the career planning process and better prepare them for their future chosen careers.

In the future, the Graduate Office of Career Services will ask graduate students to inform us once they have filled out myIDP online, so that we may ensure that our students are engaged in the career planning process and report this to the NIH.

To further assist students with their career assessment process, the Graduate Office offers regular myIDP workshops aimed at helping students take the next step in their career search. Take a look at the Graduate Studies Professional Development workshops to see when the next myIDP workshop is offered or to sign up for another career-related topic.