Student Professional Development Groups

Graduate Consulting Club

The Graduate Consulting Club serves three purposes: to reach out to graduate students interested in management consulting; to better inform graduate students about the management consulting recruiting process, especially by acting as a case practicing and sharing network; and to gain experience in management consulting.

Graduate Women in Science and Engineering (GWISE)

GWISE  is a community of women from a variety of disciplines in science and engineering; a place for women to gain support during their graduate careers and to develop skills that will empower them in their professional occupations. Our activities include professional development, outreach, and building a social network of women in the sciences at Dartmouth.

Science, Technology, and Engineering Policy Society (STEPS)

The purpose of STEPS is to be a resource for graduate students interested in pursuing careers in public policy. We facilitate intradepartmental conversation on issues related to policy making and provide a clearinghouse for information relating to career preparation.

Dartmouth Writers Society

Writing societies have functioned as a creative source for centuries. With this in mind, we have created the Dartmouth Writers Society. Our goal is to build a community of exceptional writers who nourish and replenish the creative energies of our members. Each term we will host workshops, roundtable peer reviews, monthly meetings, and tours to historic writer haunts. From these events our members will learn from professionals in the business, discuss their own writing, and network with each other.