Service & Policy

To find out more about jobs in service or policy, use your networking skills and contact Dartmouth alumni who are employed in those areas.

Find a Job in Service or Policy

By networking, you can gather information on what people do in their professions, discover what working for a government agency or nonprofit is like, and decide if it is the right career choice for you. You will need to clearly show employers you have the interest and experience.

The best way to show interest is to get involved in policy and service workshops, organizations, or classes. 

Resources at Dartmouth

The William Jewett Tucker Foundation educates students to think and act as ethical leaders and responsible citizens in the global community through service, character development, and spiritual exploration.

The Nelson A. Rockefeller Center is a catalyst for public policy research, teaching and deliberation and prepares students for lives of leaderships and service in a diverse and globally interdependent world.

The Dickey Center supports a number of programs that encourages students to become involved and engaged in world affairs.

The Office of Outreach assists Dartmouth faculty and students in developing academic outreach that promotes science awareness, science education and science literacy.

Conducting Your Job Search

The Dartmouth Career Network advises students and fellow alumni about jobs, careers and graduate school.

Writing the CV: A curriculum vitae is a concise overview of an individual's background which highlights the experience and skills most relevant to a career field. 

Searching for a Non-Academic Job: As a graduate student, you have developed and demonstrated entrepreneurial skills. Use these skills to take charge of your career exploration and job search.

Interviewing for a Non-Academic Job: Your guide on all aspects of the job interview.

Networking tips from the Thayer School of Engineering.