Thank-You Notes

A thank-you letter shows you have social skills and gives you once last chance to market yourself. 

Writing Great Thank-You Letters

You should send a thank-you letter immediately after every job interview or information interview (whether by phone or in person). Use the letter to confirm your interest in the position and organization. Address how you could contribute to the organization.

You can, if necessary, clarify answers you gave in the interview.

If you were interviewed by more than one person, send a thank-you letter to the key hiring decision maker and to the person who coordinated the interview process. Personalize each letter, since the recipients are likely to discuss your candidacy together.

In your letter to the coordinator of the interview, mention the names of those you met.

This is still a business letter, but may be more personal in tone. Mention the date you spoke with the person and highlight a particularly piece of information that you found interesting.

Type your thank-you letter. Keep your letter brief. Three short paragraphs are usually sufficient.