Informational Interview Requests

Conducting informational interviews is an excellent way to research career fields and inquire about potential job leads. 

Requesting an Interview

When you write a letter requesting an informational interview, make it clear that your purpose is to get information and advice, not to get a job. In the letter, introduce yourself and why you are writing. Indicate that you will follow up with a phone call to arrange a meeting time or a telephone interview. Do not enclose a resume; you are not asking for a job. If suggested by your contact, you can bring a resume to an in-person meeting or mail one to the person later for their advice and comments.

When requesting an informational interview:

  • Introduce yourself and your purpose
  • Explain how you got the contact’s name
  • Describe your background and interest in the contact’s career field or organization
  • Let the contact know how they can help you
  • Inform them of when you intend to call
  • Be brief and professional