UNSG Course Approval process

UNSG Course Approval Process

UNSG courses are listed among other internship opportunities HERE

Obtaining permission requires the following to be submitted to the Guarini School Registrar at least two weeks before the start of the internship term.  

Please use the following template:

Name of Student:

ID #:

Current Major:

UNSG Course Number Requested:

Name of company or organization:

Location of internship:

Dates of internship:

Onsite internship supervisor name and contact information:

Hours expected to spend working at internship:

Brief description of internship project:

Brief description of how internship is integral to your course of study at Dartmouth:

The Guarini School Registrar will forward your internship project request to the appropriate instructor for review. 

The instructor will review the description to ensure internship is appropriate for the student's major and will send an email to The Guarini School Registrar approving the course enrollment. If rejected, the instructor will notify the Guarini School Registrar and provide a brief rationale for the rejection. 

The Guarini School Registrar will notify the student when the instructor review has been completed and approved. The student will be enrolled in UNSG course at this time. If the course is being used for CPT, Banner notifies OVIS to issue CPT.

Once enrolled in the UNSG course, OVIS will reach out with instructions for requesting Curricular Practical Training (CPT). You will need to provide OVIS with a dated and signed employment letter on employer letterhead, with location and dates of employment, supervisor and title, and brief description of how the training is relevant to your program of study.

General information about CPT can be found on the OVIS website, here.

If you have any questions about the e-form, please contact OVIS 

Once approved, OVIS will issue a new Form I-20 to the student with CPT authorization.

During the internship the midterm and final reports, as well as onsite supervisor assessment, are sent directly to the Instructor.

Instructor notifies the Guarini School Registrar of the course grade: CT (Credit) or NC (No Credit)

PDF of this form is HERE